Digital Home Studios is very simple: We have delivered first class photography in Texas for over the last decade,  with an amazing repertoire of, not some of, but, the finest and most influential real estate agents, brokers, engineers, architects, numerous local, statewide, national home builders, mayors, city planners and various businesses and business leaders all around Texas.

Digital Home Studios offers complete virtual tours and other digital media, specifically customized for each of our clients.

If you need a custom “Virtual Tour” look for your business and web site, we will meet with you and listen to what your needs are and develop a “look” that is unique to your company and web site. Not just a cookie cutter approach for everyone. Let us sit down with you and see what we can create for you. Oh yeah, we don’t charge to meet with you.

Digital Home Studios is a member only system. We take our clients serious and will take the time to help you or even have dinner and discuss various strategies about what is going on with technology and how these technologies may help or hurt our clients.

The “system” that Digital Home Studios has developed is critical to the company’s outstanding and incredible efficiency and performance. Digital Home Studios is the single most cost effective solution available and has THE FASTEST CONSISTENT TURNAROUND TIME in the entire industry, blowing all other professional services away. Other “slideshow providers” charge as much as $50.00 for a 4 hour turnaround time. SERIOUSLY? Digital Home Studios has done that every day for 12 years at no extra cost to our clients.

Ok, we will prove that last paragraph:

Digital Home Studios $149.98 Virtual Tour includes:
Average cost per digital image / photo = Around $1.76 BEST DEAL ON PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES

 75 large images
BEFORE MIDNIGHT SERVICE at no extra charge, excluding late afternoon and twilight shoots.
UNLIMITED interactive panoramas on your virtual tour and that you can embed into your own website.
2 different slideshows with music
1080p HD Video
720p HD Video
360p HD Video
480p MP4Video
240p MP4 Mobile Video for mobile devices
DVD Disk Image File to burn to DVD or Blue Ray disk
MLS branded and unbranded links
Realtor.com links are free for showcase customers
Beautiful, elegant.professional presentation specifically designed for todays desktops and mobile devices.

Other Photography services:

Shoot 2 Sell: around $130.00:
Average cost per digital image / photo = Around $5.20

25 Photos
No Panoramas,
which does not qualify to be a virtual tour by NTREIS rules
Slideshow for desktop and mobile devices
Next Day Turnaround, free: Same Day Turnaround, 25.00 to 50.00
Additional Photos, around $5.00 each
MLS branded and unbranded links
Realtor.com links

We have no intention of getting so large that we forget our clients or that we can’t spend the time that our clients need from time to time. Digital Home Studios is committed to establishing and maintaining personal business relationships with our clients. The bottom line is that if you aren’t selling homes, neither of us is making money. We routinely work directly with our clients to find out what they need and assemble an advertising campaign that will actually benefit them, not just us.

Digital Home Studios has a video studio and all of the equipment, skills, knowledge and expertise needed for complete professional broadcast commercials ready for prime time.

We own a fleet of aerial vehicles in the event that our clients have a need for aerial services, complete in 4K cinematic HD format.

With two applications of four new devices, as well as two workflow processes submitted to the USPTO for patent protection, Digital Home Studios remains on the cutting edge of both technology and workflow processes, and our clients can rely on our extensive knowledge of real estate photography/marketing and advances made in our industry.

Digital Home Studios consistently provides new marketing solutions for our clients in the real estate business. Digital Home Studios thrives on this flexibility to develop new and creative advertising strategies, such as the implementation of aerial video/photography, video and voice overs in addition to virtual tours for our clients.

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